Lolita Blog Carnival: What’s Next On Your Lolita Wishlist?  ·  Posted by Z

My wishlist seems to be never ending and even though I tried trimming it down considerably, it’s still quite long. I’ve actually wondered what would happen if I acquired every single item… Probably my closet would explode, hahaha!

Despite having a wishlist that never seems to end, I have two pieces that I would love to own one day. They are:

Juliette et Justine’s Le premier cri de prophete robe in green

Moi-même-Moitié’s Flocky print bustier and skirt in black

Why would I like to own these pieces?
I adore the details on the back of Le premier cri de prophete; the front looks very simple with an elaborate print, but it’s the back of the dress that completes the luxe look of the dress.
As for the Moitié set, it’s because it was a picture of Mana wearing the bustier that made me fall in love even more with the brand. In addition to that, I’m a sucker for flocky prints.

I hope to own both pieces one day. Juliette et Justine did say that they will re-release the print and I hope that the re-release will look exactly the same since I’d be quite bummed if they changed it the way they did with L’éclat de croix robe (although I do admit that I regret not buying the re-release). I’m not too hopeful about the Moitié set since I have the worst luck when it comes to buying older Moitie pieces. Going to continue crossing my fingers!!! I am pretty sure that I will never get rid of either one of these pieces once I find them.

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