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Last week, I finally got my huge pile of packages from my friend. They have been piling up in her room for several months and some of them date back to last year. I haven’t done a haul post in a long time (the last one I did was when Got Lolita was fairly active) so I thought I’d do one since this haul was so big!
My pile of packages is a smidgen taller than me, and I’m 5 ft 2 in (157.5 cm). Despite looking disheveled, I HAD to take a picture next to my packages because it was ridiculous.
Opening up all the packages was tiring and grueling. The entire time, I told my friend, “THIS IS DISGUSTING! I’M DISGUSTING! I’M NOT BUYING ANY MORE!” I also thought of my coworker since she always says that she is disgusting whenever she buys new makeup. Well, I think I outdid her this time around with the disgusting factor!

I really need to stop buying ;(

Now onto the items!

Jane Marple beret, offbrand headdress, 2 Excentrique earrings, offbrand ring+bracelent, Angelic Pretty headbow, Angelic Pretty canotier, Innocent World bonnet
Half of the items were “freebies” that came with the main piece I got. I’m not too sure as to what to do with the headdress, ring+bracelet, and canotier — most likely I’m going to sell it.
I thought that I’d sell the bonnet but I’m definitely reconsidering at the moment.
Super duper happy with my Excentrique earrings because they’re screw-ons. They’re really beautiful!
I am so happy with the JM beret because it’s been my dream beret ever since it was released and I was pooped when it was sold out when I asked a shopping service to get it for me. It’s made of real rabbit fur and it’s soooo soft! The brooches are pictures printed on a felt-like material, which is kind of odd and feels a tad cheap. Also, a weird thing I noticed was that the cameo brooch from my hat looks a lot like the cameos on my Meta dress’ buttons:
Maybe there is a standard picture used for cameos made for the mass market? I should look at my mom’s cameo jewelry to see if it looks a lot like my buttons and brooch.

Jane Marple skirt, Metamorphose beret, Metamorphose socks
I bought several items from a lolita friend, who has moved away from the fashion, and along with the items I bought, she sent over some extras. I rarely wear skirts while wearing lolita but there is a coordinate I want to try with all of these items. The beret is definitely a keeper since I can never have too many berets, mwahahahaha!

Victorian maiden jacket, Juliette et Justine bolero, Moi-même-Moitie bolero
I’ve been lusting after the VM jacket ever since it was released so I had to get it when I saw it for a fraction of the original price. I hope to own the skirt one day along with the green colourway because the set reminds me of a more toned down Vivienne Westwood suit. The red tartan is really loud and kind of hard to incorporate it with my normal clothes, but I’m going to try!
The JetJ bolero is a size 1 and I think that it may be slightly small for my bust, but I’m going to see if I can work it with some outfits. I thought that the JetJ bolero was made of chiffon so I was really surprised to find out that it was made of heavy cotton. I had several of the “this isn’t chiffon and light?” moments during this package session that my friend joked and said, “Do you not read the information about materials?”.
I’m really happy with the Moitie bolero because I’ve been wanting one of their tulle boleros for a long time so when I saw this one, I bought it immediately. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a piece that I wear often with my dresses.

Victorian maiden overdress, Juliette et Justine coat
Both items are ones that I’ve been wanting for a long time so I’m really happy to own both! I’m both excited and a little scared in regards to coordinating the overdress since it’s tea-length, but maybe it might look nice with my dresses anyway?
I hope to find the same JetJ coat in gold. The coat doesn’t match anything that I own, colour-wise, but I think that it would look really lovely with my white dresses.

Emily Temple Cute
The picture of this dress does not do it any justice. The dress is a beautiful teal with silver threads that make the polka dots shimmer. The instant I saw this dress, I was in love, and it was so cheap too! I’ve decided that it’s going to be my new go-to dress, which should give my JM Stained Glass dress some well needed rest.

Millefleurs, Metamorphose
I didn’t expect to buy the Millefleurs dress… but I couldn’t resist because it was being sold for such a low price lol (it was cheaper than some Bodyline dresses and some Taobao brand dresses). I liked it a lot because I’m a sucker for jacquard and it looks luxurious despite the simple cut of th dress. It also has a bustle so there was no way for me to resist.
The Meta dress is a dress that I’ve wanted ever since it’s release and I’ve regretted not buying it when it was first released. It looks like a 1920s dress or a more modern version of a 1900s-1910s children’s sack dress that I loved i! My first choice colourway is navy but god knows when that will ever pop up, so when I saw the ivory colourway, I bought it immediately. It’s such a comfortable dress that I know that I’m going to keep it until the day it falls apart. I hope to find the navy version one day.

Both Moi-même-Moitié
I ADOREEEEEEEE Moitie so much and I believe that many of their best pieces were released between 1999-2006. I’ve had such rotten luck hunting down old Moitie pieces that I was ecstatic when I came across these.

Innocent World, Angelic Pretty
This Innocent World print is one of my dream prints and while I’d prefer the ivory colourway, the lavender one will do for now! I was really worried about this dress since I’ve always had really bad luck with IW’s shirred items but this one fits like a dream. It isn’t tight and it doesn’t create a uniboob, so I’m happy with it. When I went to the Baby SF opening with my mom, my mom saw someone wear the skirt version of this print (I think it might have been this lolita) and she said, “Now THAT is a cute print.” She wasn’t very impressed with Baby’s prints lol.
I hated Wrapping Ribbon when I first saw it but the more I looked at this jsk, the more I loved it. I thought that the bodice was made of high quality satin or sateen and that the dress would be very light and flowy but au contraire, the bodice is made of burberry fabric (I think that’s heavy cotton?) and the dress is quite heavy. The thoughts of wearing this dress casually on a hot summer day has gone out the window :(

Innocent World capelet and dress, Angelic Pretty, Kazuko Ogawa
I’ve always wanted a printed dress and capelet set (looking at you, Moitie’s Candelabra series) so I’m really happy I got this one. I loved it when I first saw it but I was during my “Shouldn’t Buy Lolita” phase when it popped up, thus I handed over my order to my friend. I was so happy when she sold it back to me because I thought I’d never get it. I do have several complaints about it though, but they’re just me being picky. I dislike that the print isn’t completely symmetrical on the dress because I think it cheapens the look of the dress and looks like the brand doesn’t care for details. I really dislike it when designers do that because I think that it makes the dress look “off” to a lot of people. Another thing about the dress is that it’s a freaking magnet for lint and dust. It’s made of corduroy and it’s black, so it’s a given that any fuzzy would stick to it, but it’s annoying because lint rolling the dress for over 20 minutes didn’t help that much. The joys of loving black clothes.
I am SOOOOOOOO happy I got the AP dress because it’s a dream! I guess some people might say that the dress will make me look like a overgrown baby, but I like to think that I’m going to look like an antique porcelain doll. A GIRL CAN DREAM. It’s a pretty old piece (the owner suspects it was released in 2003-2004) and it’s beautifully made. At first I thought that it was the white version of one of my dream AP pieces, but it isn’t. The design is very similar but the material is completely different. I’m still on the hunt for the High Neck Shantung OP but this dress is definitely a keeper. It’s probably my favourite piece from this entire haul.
Kazuko Ogawa is a brand I loved when I first got into lolita so to see on of the dresses I’ve wanted on Yahoo! Japan Auctions made me go bananas. I was so glad that there was a BIN option because I wouldn’t even know what to put as a max bid. I’m a sucker for nun dresses and there is this one Moitie nun dress that’s also been a dream dress foreverrrr (which I missed out on when it was sold on YJA), but now that I found this dress, I’m not too pooped about the Moitie nun dress. I thought that this dress was made of polyester and had an elastic waist, but I was wrong on both accounts. The original page for the item on Kazuko Ogawa did mention a velveteen version, which is what my dress is. I would have preferred the polyester version but I don’t mind the velveteen since now I can stop lusting after the other Moitie nun dress, which is also made of velveteen. The dress needs a good steaming, which I hope will take out all the wrinkles!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Juliette et Justine
When I saw Labyrinth in the Reminiscent Mirror, I fell in love with the orange colourway because I thought that it was refreshingly different. I love the sax colourway too because it looks so light and cheerful, but the orange colourway looked like a sunset and gave a sort of melancholy feel to the dress, which I think is very apropos for the print. In addition to the print, I liked the tiers of chiffon and tulle, which is what made me decide to get the dress. The sad thing about it is that the dress doesn’t fit me the way I want it to. I hope that I don’t have to sell it :( I’ll see how I feel after wearing it out at least once.
I sold my Feerie because I was annoyed by the straps but somehow I decided that I wanted the blue colourway. We’ll see if it’s a keeper or not! Maybe because I missed out on the AatP’s Midsummer reserves that I felt that I needed to get this dress. Hrmmmm…

Metamorphose, Victorian maiden, Victorian maiden
I loved the Meta dress when it went up for sale but I didn’t buy it for some reason. I don’t recall why but ever since I missed the chance, I wanted to own it. I never thought that I would but here I am owning this beaut!
I sold my Classical Bouquet Doll dress before but regretted a year later or so. Since I lost some weight since the time I bought it, I thought that it would fit me perfectly, but it doesn’t ;( Before, the bust fit but the waist felt a bit tight, but now, my boobs feel a tad constrained but the waist area is pretty loose. AGH!
I LOVEEEE gobelin prints and I’m really surprised that this gobelin dress is so light. My other VM dress made of gobelin is really heavy and thick, but this dress is very light in comparison and perfect for autumn weather. I adore the buttons in the front and thank goodness that it has a zipper back because I would hate having to button myself into this dress.

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